Cultivation, drilling & planting

We have the knowledge, experience and a highly skilled team to assist you with implementing your cultivation plan.

We offer a wide range of options to suit a large variety of crops and conditions.


  • Kverneland 8 Furrow Reversible Plough
  • Kverneland 5 Furrow Reversible Plough with Press
  • 4m Sumo Quattro Disc-Subsoiler-DiscRoller
  • 6m Kockerling Disc-Roller
  • 7.3m Sunflower Cultivator
  • 7.3m Scimitar Leveller/Cultivator
  • 7.3m Heva Triple Roller with Levelling Paddles

Drilling and Planting.

Roller Drilling

  • Excellent for seed placement and depth with a quick establishment levelling system for a superior finish
  • Ideal for Grass, Lucerne and Brassicas

Direct Drilling

  • Ideal for re-grassing
  • Seed and fertiliser metering units with variable rate adjustment from the cab
  • Insecticide and slug bait spreader (electronic variable rate)
  • Tyre packer system, GPS/Autosteer & crane
  • Disc suspension enabling equal ground pressure at the top and bottom of the stroke for accurate seed depth placement

Drilling machinery available for hire:

  • 7.5m Austin/Allen Roller drill for broadcasting Grass and Small Seeds with Trailing Packer Roller
  • 6m Allen Drill for Direct and Conventional Drilling (Fertiliser, Insecticide, Slug-bait application)
  • 6m Vaderstad Tempo for Precision Planting, Fertiliser application down the spout via a front-mounted hopper

Get in touch with our team to discuss your cultivation, drilling and planting requirements, we would love to hear from you!