Round‌ ‌&‌ ‌Square‌ ‌Baling‌ ‌ &‌ ‌Wrapping‌

Baling and wrapping for all round and square bales.

Tube wrapping is a cost-effective process offering neat, post-wrap storage options and a higher quality baleage.

Tubewrappers can wrap a single bale in six layers of plastic in just 20 seconds and are nice and easy to feed out.


  • Square Baling
  • 5 x Claas Quadrant 5300’s
  • 2 x Claas Quadrant 3400’s
  • MF 185 Medium Square
  • McHale F5600 Fixed Chamber
  • 2 x McHale V660 Variable Chamber
  • Fendt Rotana 160V


• 6 x Scannell Tube Wrappers
• 1 x McHale Individual Wrapper

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